nick at plauer see june 13

Currently living at the edge of Prenzlberg with a fine view of the Telespargel and writing about the differences between here and life on the island, Nick Timmons has previously written a guide to Portugal:Off the Beaten Track’ (Moorland Press ’92) and co-authored a Guide to AS Film Studies. (Nelson Thornes. 07.) He has also had work broadcast on the BBC and has written for ‘toffeeweb’ and ‘liverpool confidential’.

berlin graffiti

 Berlin Graffiti on contemporary life and relationships.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am moved every time I read your blog, dear Nick. Moved at your beauty with the written word, the pictures it creates for me and your persistant and loving references to Liverpool–Ay La! Grreat! Ax

    1. Hi Pete, nice to hear from you. The last blog, ‘little englanders’ is in the end about getting workers in germany a more just slice of what they and the earth produce….i guess the crucial workers struggles are going on in the newly industrialising countries in asia…i read somewhere there that numerically the industrial proletariat is larger now than its ever been…are you writing/reading anything good on the question?
      …as i say, good to hear from you. Nick

  2. Don’t worry- it was just a jibe. I haven’t seen you since 1990! Isn’t that weird. The story is so complex I couldn’t even begin. If you go to my blog you can see my view of Zizek. I’ll be adding other work there in the next few days.

    You write with beautiful detail.


  3. Hi Nick. It’s Paul Lever here. I think we last bumped into each other in the Walker Art Gallery in 1989. I’m “sort of retired” now and one of the things I wanted to do is try to catch up with former students, friends and people I haven’t seen for a while. I am one of those ‘saddos’ who keeps albums of photos / cuttings / and reflections of my life generally. The first album returns me to 1974 and a fantastic picture of a 12 year old Nicholas Timmons in the middle of a group of St.Mary’s kids enjoying the school holiday to the Costa Brava. The other day I googled your name which took me to your article about the decline of Crosby and then to this blog.
    Intending to browse for a few minutes, I finished by spending two hours reading the whole thing in detail. Your intellect, way with words, information about a variety of subjects and natural scouse humour were awesome.. There were so many talking points but highlights for me included the interactions with my former colleague Ken(tigern) Smith and with your son over the melon, plus your reflections of disability and independence which moved me. Seeing Simon Rattle performing made me very envious as well.
    The blog as a whole paints a pretty comprehensive picture of your life but I would love to catch up with the parts not in your blog?. What happened which caused you to start using the wheelchair? I am not into social media or blogs for that matter. But if you want to send me an email directly without going through this site I am on lever.paul51@tiscali.co.uk.
    It will be great to hear from you Nick……if you don’t mind speaking with a red s+++++ of course!


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